Floatation Therapy: Relaxing the Mind & Body of an Over-Thinking, Injury Prone Stress Head

With endless sensory stimulation we all need to take the time to switch off, slow down and embrace self love πŸ™ŒπŸ» floatation allows even the busiest of minds to do just that. Studies suggest that it improves physical recovery and relieves symptoms of insomnia and anxiety.

FYI: I am not paid or have any affiliation with floatation clinics, I’m just a fan girl πŸ™‹πŸ»β€β™€οΈ this is my personal experience.

I first tried floatation over 2 years ago after a very painful dry needling experience.

I have long suffered from pain in my right shoulder ranging from mild discomfort to causing severe migraines. I treated it with remedial massage mostly while dabbling in Accupuncture and lastly, dry needling. I had a muscle flinch with the needle embedded in a knot situation leading to extreme pain eek!

I thought I would give floatation a go as a safe option and have been a devote ever since! Seriously just try it!

As a very active runner, dancer and yogi, I have found it to ease all my muscles aches and tension like no other treatment. I tore my hip flexor ligament and after 3 weeks of weekly floats my healing was fast tracked beyond expected recovery time so I could get back to it sooner. It also helped heal my body and my trauma after a very painful fall down a concrete flight of stairs which saw me knocked out, in hospital, stitched up and covered head to toe with deep bruising (injury prone!).

Floatation restores and rejuvenated your body (and skin!), the long lasting effects are incredible! It offers the mental and physical energy kick needed to continue to smash it on the daily!

That’s all fantastic but the most valuable benefit of floating for me has been the effects on my mind. At the time I first tried it, working as a criminal lawyer in a high pressure environment I did not know what peace of mind was. I’ve always been an over thinker, suffered anxiety and been an all round stress head. Floating provides me with the sense of calm to switch off and gain perspective. For weeks after I maintain a blissful calm and have been able to keep all those mental nasties under control!

Did I mention it makes your skin so fresh and glow πŸ˜€

I’m a member at Water Temple Floatation Therapy in Armadale, Vic (Australia). It’s a truly beautiful serene full service welllness clinic creating the perfect atmosphere for the best float experience. When you step off the street into the clinic you are taken into a new peaceful world, from the friendly staff to the amenities, it’s really one of my favourite spaces. The clinic also offers shiatsu massage and Chinese medicine treatments, what a way to lux out combined with a float! Their pods are a perfect temperature and they provide hair dryers/brushes so you can go about your day (if you have the luxury of some free time, I recommend going home to chill for a few hours after for the perfect mental health day!). Again I have no affiliation with the clinic, I just give credit where it’s due!

How do I feel when floating? Euphoric! Just try it!

Shae xx


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