How I Healed my Face Eczema & Maintain Healthy Skin Naturally

Confession: My face skin is really sensitive and prone to eczema particularly in winter. A few years ago I had it particularly bad over the winter months leaving my eyes red, swollen and horrible! I took action using natural remedies and food which healed it up quick smart and now my skin is the best it’s ever been!

Disclaimer: I am not a dermatologists, I am talking about what personal works for me!

The way’s I keep my skin glowing all year round

1.What I use on my face: I tone using an alcohol free witch hazel (Thayers- found on iherb). I then moisturise with rose-hip oil and shea butter. That’s it! Shea butter is rich in Vitamin E and A, it doesn’t make your skin oily after you rub it in 🙂

2. Face mask: Use the pip of your Avo to exfoliate your skin! I then do a avo/honey/coconut cream face mask once a week. I just use the left over bits of avo I have, you don’t need a lot (Don’t waste that deliciousness).

3. Eat fermented foods: Fermented foods contain probiotics to boost gut health, which is linked to everything! I love Kimchi and quality sauerkraut (Peace, love and vegetables is a great brand I love. Also you can find “The Goods” living and fermented sauerkraut at Woolies.

I also eat tempeh, greek yogurt and drink kombucha.

4. Makeup: I do not wear foundation, any time I’ve tried it my skin flares up. I use a tinted moisturiser free of parabens. The brands that do not aggravate my skin are Nude By Nature and Physicians Formula.

5. Grass fed collagen: Great Lakes grass fed collagen changed my life in 2014. I tried it and have it religiously. My hair was falling out, my nails wouldn’t grow and my skin was dull. Soon after my hair stopped falling out, is super healthy now and my nails grow soooo quick and are so strong! My skin is much more vibrant. It’s also an easy way to up your protein intake with each tablespoon containing 6 grams of protein. There are many other brands now days, I’m loyal hehe

6. Bone Broth: I would love to say I am one of those people who makes there own broth but I’m not, I use the dehydrated powder. (Brands I use are NutraOrganics and Broth of Life. I think it taste delicious sprinkled on top of foods (or straight from the spoon!). Google bone broth to see all the good health qualities it has!

7. I stay well away from anything with artificial sweeteners. From a former diet coke addict, I cut out all artificial sweetened food in 2015. Wowsa the first week was tough, it was like detoxing from a hard drug! However would never go back! I try to avoid artificial sweeteners at all cost, I will not even chew gum with it! Aspartame is the devil)!

8. Try not to use a heater in winter, dry air is the biggest aggravator of eczema prone skin. Just throw on some more layers and snuggle up to someone gorgeous!

9. Take a probiotic supplement at night with dinner

Not only do the above improve skin health, the foods and supplements provide an array of health benefits, mostly starting with a healthy gut.


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