Mermaid Smoothie Bowl: A High Protein Snack Rich in Probiotics and Antioxidants

I 💚 quark! Quark cheese is the creamier Greek yogurt with a similar nutritional profile. It’s rich in protein, probiotics and calcium. Aussie dairy farmers Rokeby Farms have a delicious range sold at supermarkets and I’ve spotted it in smaller convenience stores too, support our farmers! It’s so creamy and delicious! Serve it up with the addition of a superfood powder of choice for a beauty boosting snack filled with probiotics, antioxidants and protein! I used blue spirulina, which contains powerful antioxidants and is said to boost skin health reducing the signs of ageing 🦋

Bananas contain potassium which hydrates skin as well as vitamin and nutrients which promotes clear glowing skin 🍌

  • 1 container plain Quark (I use Rokeby Farms)
  • 1/2 a banana
  • Squeeze of lemon juice
  • 1tsp vanilla extract
  • 1tsp honey
  • 1tsp butterfly pea powder or another superfood powder like maqui, mesquite, Lucuma, maca or cacao
  • Optional toppings: nuts, dark chocolate, cacao nibs

1. Whiz all ingredients together in a blender or food processor

2. Top with your optional toppings of choice

Enjoy! X


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