Beautiful Skin Protein “Toast”: Low Carb, Gluten and Sugar Free (Vegan)

Low carb protein toast substitute topped with superfood yogurt and berries 💚Studies suggest Maqui berries possess the highest quantity of antioxidants found in nature. Said to be contain the most anti ageing and anti inflammatory properties than other berries. Also touted as a metabolism booster, diabetic aid by improving blood glucose and immunity booster! Combined with blueberries, this breakfast contains heaps of vitamin C and E and nutrients to make your skin glow 😍

I use Loving Earth organic Maqui powder, I love this company! An Aussie owned producer of certified organic chocolate and other treats all about being ethical and sustainability! Best chocolate I’ve ever tasted FYI!

1. Make protein French toast (recipe link above)

2. In a blender combined berries, maqui and yogurt

3. That’s it, serve up with chopped strawberries 🍓 and passion fruit



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