Easy Vegan Meal: 3 ingredients, Protein and Nutrient Packed, Gluten Free

Getting enough protein is so important for all, particularly vegans. With each ingredient being a source of protein, whip up a nutrient dense meal in minutes! Lose the bread, mushroom cups are a great alternative to sandwich’s! Mushrooms are high in potassium, calcium, vitamin D, selenium and a source of lean protein. FYI selenium is reported to be great for gorgeous skin/hair. Spinach is a low calorie superfood packed with nutrients, vitamins and protein! Chickpeas in falafels are a low sugar good source of protein and fibre. I’m sharing the BEST falafels you can buy, Aussie owned Bite Me Fine Foods! Their baked falafels are gluten free, vegan, certified organic and 80% Australian chickpeas 🙌🏻 they are delicious! They are make a range of yummy bites and patties. You can find them at health food stores, markets, fruit and veg stores and some supermarkets. Alternatively if you cannot get your hands on them (I feel for you!), use another quality brand (go for organic and check the ingredients!).

  • 3 large flat white or portobello mushrooms
  • Big handful baby spinach
  • 4 falafels (see above for recommendations)
  • 1tsp extra virgin olive oil (optional, you can use a good non stick pan)

1. Remove mushroom stems and pan sear each side for a few minutes until they just start to soften

2. Add spinach and sear for a further 2 minutes

3. Remove from heat and serve up on a plate

4. Microwave falafels for around 40 seconds



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