Simple but Stunning Dessert for Gifting: 2 Ingredient Marbled Chocolate Bark

Chocolate bark looks so impressive but is so incredibly easy, even the talentless baker can serve these it and look like a kitchen whiz. It is beautiful for gifting or sharing with guests with a range of versatile options. It can be made sugar free and vegan too!

Gluten free, sugar free option, vegan option, low carb

For sugar free raw homemade chocolate see my recipe  Raw Chocolate

  • 300g dark chocolate of choice (homemade , sugar free, vegan etc)
  • 300 g white chocolate of choice (homemade, sugar free, vegan etc)
  • Optional flavouring (A few drops of food grade essential oils, a tsp of lucuma, oil based flavourings like mint)*Please avoid alcohol based extracts, these will turn choc white)
  • Optional decorating: Nuts, Berries, dried fruit, candied ginger
  1. Add 3/4 of chopped white chocolate to a bowl and 3/4 of chopped dark chocolate to a separate bowl
  2. Melt in microwave in 30 seconds intervals
  3. add remaining white chocolate to white chocolate bowl and remaining dark chocolate to dark chocolate bowl (Note that I’m telling you to keep the white and dark choccy separate!) The remaining chocolate should melt
  4. If adding flavourings and decorations, add them now to each bowl
  5. On a lined baking tray line use a teaspoon to lay a vertical line of white chocolate for the length of the pan, about an inch thick
  6. Next to it, lay a verticle line of dark chocolate about an inch thick, overlapping slightly
  7. Continue this until you have used up all your chocolate
  8. Use a butter knife to draw diagonal lines around an inch apart
  9. If this sounds too complicated, just fill the tray white splodges of white and dark chocolate then lightly swirl together!
  10. Allow to set in fridge (at least 30 minutes) then break apart into pieces

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