Cookie Dough Protein Berry Cups: 2 Ingredients!

21grams of protein for under 240 calories! A delicious dessert in under 10 minutes to satisfy all pastry cravings that is full of protein with no sugar! This is a treat for me as I stay away from store brought protein bars, preferring to make my own with only natural whole foods! I do not diet but a “cheat meal” for me is eating processed foods.

Quest bars are a tastier, healthier and convenient way to get a high protein snack than other processed bars but as a clean eater I do not indulge in them often. That being said, these cups are delicious and so simple!


1 quest bar, I like chocolate chip cookie dough or cinnamon roll for this recipe

Handful of fresh or defrosted mixed berries

1. Cut quest bar into 4 pieces and microwave on top of baking paper for 30 seconds

2. Press into a foil or silicon muffin tin or greased muffin tin

3. Fill with berries

4. Bake in oven on medium setting for 10 minutes



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