Peanut Butter Flourless Pancakes: Clean Eating Gluten Free 🥞

Pancakes, weekend essentials! Does anyone not love peanut butter?! I’m an addict. These pancakes are super easy, quick to make and totally clean. The flavours are so much better than normal pancakes, helllllooo banana and peanut butter!!

Grain free, Paleo, sugar free, dairy free, high protein, gluten free

Ingredients – 1 large serve

2 x Eggs

1 Mashed banana (around 100-120grams)

2 tbsp peanut butter (natural, unsweetened)

1tbsp peanut or almond flour

Optional: cinnamon to taste

  1. Mash up the banana and combine all ingredients
  2. On medium heat put a little oil/butter in a pan
  3. cook as you would cook your pancakes (even after all these years I struggle with the flipping haha
  4. I top mine with more homemade peanut butter and local honey, so yum

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