Living my best life using wholefood as my fuel :D


Welcome to my little space to share my passion for using real food as the fuel to live my best life!

I’m Shae, a 29 year old busy professional with a passion for creating clean high protein recipes that are super easy to food prep, because we’re all busy right! My philosophy is simple, be kind to yourself by eating real food to nourish your body. You’ll glow inside and out!

I want to share recipes show that you can have treats which make you feel great after rather than feeling a sugar low.Your body is your greatest asset, listen to it and fuel it with the food it needs to be amazing!

I do not believe in diet, restrictions, counting calories or scales. I believe in moderation and eating predominately clean unprocessed food which are high in micronutrients.

My recipes are delicious and are predominately sugar free, gluten free, low in refined carbs and high protein with paleo and vegan options.


Shae xx


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